Living life to the full

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Living Life to the Full is one of the world’s most used wellbeing support packages. It is written by an accredited CBT practitioner who is also an expert in education and training, Dr Chris Williams, Emeritus Professor of Psychosocial Psychiatry University of Glasgow. It aims to provide key information using everyday non-complex language. Highly recommended by many charities and health services around the UK, Ireland and North America, and with over 10 million hits a year. For example, an independent review of the most recommend online resources for anxiety and depression in NHS England identified it as the most recommended course. The website uses the tried and tested cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) approach and has helped hundreds of thousands of people over the years. Visit our Evidence Base page for the results of over five randomised controlled trials and multiple service evaluations.

Living life to the full offers help quickly. People do the quiz and can get started quickly within 10 minutes on getting relevant support.

There are a range of courses available. Each course offers free modules including worksheets to print off and use and linked books to read.  Greater Manchester has commissioned the following:

  • Living Life to the Full – for low mood and stress
  • Reclaim Your Life for those living with long term illness
  • Enjoy Your Bump – for expectant mothers aiming to help build emotional resilience and coping during pregnancy.
  • Enjoy Your Baby: addressing attachment and enjoying your baby in the first year of life. Especially relevant to young parents with low ,mood/anxiety.
  • Enjoy Your Infant- Building attachment  and understanding in the toddler years.

Living Life to the Full isn’t about diagnosis. It’s not about medical treatment. It’s not about completing diagnostic questionnaires. No tablets, no diagnosis, no preaching.

Instead we try to teach important life skills that aim to help empower and equip you. You’ll learn how to; understand how you feel as you do, choose to do activities that improve wellbeing, identify blocks or activities that make us feel worse, boost your confidence, understand and change your sleep, become more assertive, calm anxious worries and be more compassionate and supportive of yourself, asking for what you need, be calmer, less irritable and more.

Who is it for?

  • Multiple courses that address low mood and stress, anger and irritability, coping with difficulties across the life span.
  • Remote/online courses provide access to relevant course information during pregnancy (Enjoy your bump), supporting new parents in the first year of life (Enjoy your Baby), and in the toddler years (Enjoy your infant).
  • Living life to the full addresses adults with low mood and stress, and reclaim your life supports those with long-term physical health conditions.
  • Each course can be accessed immediately.
  • Regular weekly emails offer advice, reminder and encouragement to apply what is learned.
  • The online courses also have a Planner and Review component to encourage the person to put what they are learning into action.

How does it work?

LLTTF is an accessible, practical way of accessing CBT-based educational life skills classes.

  1. Sign up via the GM Health Hub (the only place to register). Adults sign up here:
  2. Choose your course
  3. Get started on changing your life