Eating disorders and young people

Our aims

We’re working to improve access and waiting times for children and young people with an eating disorder. We’re doing this through developing a flexible Greater Manchester specialist community model that’s  provided by multidisciplinary community-based teams under a single Greater Manchester service specification.

Why this matters

Eating disorders (Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa) and Binge Eating Disorders are very complex psychiatric disorders. There’s significant evidence to suggest that early access to comprehensive treatment improves the prognosis of these young people, reduces need for inpatient treatment and decreases long term morbidity and mortality.

This film looks at Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust’s community eating disorders service which provides dedicated care and support to children and young people across six boroughs of Greater Manchester.

 What we’ve achieved so far 

  • Greater Manchester’s waiting times are better than both the north west and national averages at over 91% being seen within 4 weeks (at September 2019).
  • There is still unwarranted variation across Greater Manchester that we’re aiming to rectify through greater consistency of service delivery (under one specification and increased opportunities for teams to share information and expertise via the steering group)


What’s next

By March 2021

  • All three teams achieving access and waiting times of 95% of urgent cases being seen within 1 week and routine cases being seen within 4 weeks
  • The Greater Manchester community eating disorder service specification being delivered consistently across Greater Manchester
  • All young people with an eating disorder receiving care from a specialised service